The Franklin County School District will provide a superior education for all students.


The Franklin County School District exists to provide a quality education for the children and youth of the community. The mission of the Franklin County School District is to provide a superior, well-rounded education within a safe learning environment that enables and inspires students to achieve academic excellence and to be successful, productive, and responsible citizens.


Franklin County School District, through a safe and enriching educational setting, will prepare students for a changing global environment by encouraging exceptional academic performance, lifelong learning, and responsible citizenship. To this end, the Franklin County School District embraces the following values:

- Strong leadership
- High expectations of all students and staff members
- A safe, clean, caring, and supportive environment
- Frequent monitoring of student performance with constant feedback and reinforcement
- Academic excellence and good behavior
- Diversity
- Productive partnerships between and among the school, the students, the home and the community


This plan supports the following goals outlined in the Franklin County School District Strategic Plan:

- Ensure a safe and secure environment for all.
- Improve student achievement.
- Increase the graduation rate and reduce the dropout rate.
- Improve parental involvement and community partnerships.