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Franklin County Education Corporation

The Franklin County Education Corporation, established in 1992, is a non-profit tax-exempt organization formed with the mission to support, develop and enrich public education in Franklin County, Mississippi.  The goals of the Franklin County Education Corporation include supporting the Franklin County School District by providing items which are needed in our public schools which are not currently funded due to budget constraints, and supporting students by providing them with needed assistance to obtain a college education after graduation from high school. 


Over the previous 10 years the Franklin County Education Corporation has provided over $550,000 in scholarships to Franklin County students.  How does this work?  Who gets the money?

Every graduate of Franklin High receives this scholarship upon providing proof of enrollment in a college, university or other approved post-secondary institution. 


How can YOU help?

In order to continue meeting the needs of these students, please consider making your tax deductible contribution to the Franklin County Education Corporation.  All contributions are very much needed, and will be greatly appreciated.  This corporation is fortunate to have significant contributions which are made each year.  BUT….what if we viewed this effort to support our graduates much like a wedding or baby shower?  If each parent contributed only $5 per month in a year, an additional $84,000 would be available to support the education of our young people. 


Information on electronically making contributions will be coming soon.


All friends of Franklin County are encouraged to participate in this mission.  Please mail all contributions to:


Franklin County Education Corporation

Post Office Box 507

Meadville, Mississippi 39653