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Parent Engagement Week

Franklin County Lower Elementary School recognizes the important role that parents and grandparents play in the success of their children and grandchildren.  During the week of September 4-7, 2018, parents are invited to participate in the following activities: 


Open House- September 6, 2018 from 3:30-5:30 P.M.  Progress Reports will be given to parents during the event.


Grandparents Day- On September 6 or 7, 2018, grandparents are invited to come to the school, sign in and get a pass and join their grandchild in the cafeteria for lunch. 


Grade Level Activities For That Week Include:


Preschool- Preschool students will learn the letter Aa that week.  Parents can visit the preschool classrooms at 12:45 on September 7 to make Applejack necklaces with their child. 


Kindergarten- All About Me posters, which will be created as a parent/child activity at home, will be on display at Open House.  Game Night will be the activity during Open House. 


First Grade- Parents have received a form to sign up for a specified activity (reading a story, bringing a craft, talking about your career, or bringing a healthy snack)  they would like to do with the class that week. 


Second Grade- At Open House, parents will have an opportunity to complete a survey, guess which self-portrait is their child’s and receive their progress report.


Third Grade- During Open House, teachers will discuss study tips with parents and provide a hand-out. v