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Franklin County Chess Dominates at Mississippi Children's Museum

The Mississippi Children’s Museum in Jackson provided a welcoming venue for the 2017 Mississippi Grade Level Chess Tournament on Saturday, October 14.  In addition to the usual visitors to the museum, one hundred forty eight students from around the state arrived in hopes of becoming grade level champions.  By bus and car, fifty-seven of those aspiring chess players traveled from Franklin County. 


The tournament hosted by the Mississippi Scholastic Chess Association was conducted with both G25/d5 and G35/d5 games.  Students in grades K-5 played five games in which each player received 25 minutes on the clock with a 5 second delay between moves.  The delay allows for algebraic notation of the last move on the board.  Students from grades 6-12 played four games with 35 minutes on the clock.   Games for the 6th thru 12th grades were U.S. Chess Federation rated games.


Franklin County Chess players exiting the first round reported a strong start.  Between rounds students enjoyed venturing through the museum.  The Children’s Museum, only seven years old,  provided a view of Mississippi as well as engaging activities. As the day proceeded, FCC continued with success on many of the boards played.  In the final round, most of the top boards featured one, if not two, Franklin County contenders. 

At the end of the warm fall day, Franklin County Chess dominated the awards program garnering seven grade level championships and seven second place finishes.

Grade Level Champs:  Wyatt Kent, 1st grade; Will Hutchins, 2nd grade; Katie Temple, 4th grade; Parker Wilkinson, 7th grade; James Ham, 8th grade; Josh Griffin, 10th grade;  Daniel Youngblood, 12th grade;

2nd place:  Tharyn Davis, 1st grade; Genesis Richardson 2nd grade; Kaleigh King, 3rd grade; Cecelia Colson, 4th grade; Drey’hlan Thomas, 5th grade; Benson Schexnaydre, 6th grade; Rebekah Griffin 7th grade;

On November 4, FCC will host a scholastic tournament in Meadville.  The tournament will be a four round Swiss, g/60, d/5 featuring sections of Under 500, Under 1000 and Open.  All sections are USCF rated.  Registration requires USCF membership and can be made through email to  “contact” at  Deadline for entry is midnight on November 2.  The first round starts at 9:30.